After 20 years of experience in the field in the Beauty & Wellness sectors and after creating a dense network of quality relationships in Italy and abroad, we have decided to condense our activities into a start-up that has given great satisfaction in a short time, exceeding our business expectations.

In a few years we have achieved the positioning we wanted and we have confirmed the effectiveness of our business model.

Our strengths

- Knowledge of the market
- Innovative vision of the sector
- Hands-on experience and "on the job" approach
- Positioning and reputation
- Network and international relations
- Distinctiveness of the business model

Made in Italy Excellence

Le Baths of ancient Rome they were places of well-being, pleasure, aggregation, leisure and social life in which citizens spent their free time. At that time the Romans entrusted the recovery of psycho-physical balance to water and the beauty of the places, according to one modern concept of well-being, summarized in the motto "Salus per Aquam", whose acronym Spa still today indicates places dedicated to the care of the body, mind and spirit.

Since then, the world of wellness has developed enormously, alternating moments of splendor and decline, reaching - today - a position of absolute centrality in the world socio-economic system, with a turnover of tens of billions of euros.

Ma Made in Italy excellence in the world it is not limited to the sectors of food and wine, clothing, design and for some years it has also included well-being and professional aesthetics, thanks to our commitment and our philosophy. A blend of sociability, science and fun that takes up the tradition of the ancient Roman Baths and enriches it with the glamorous contents of the "good life" of the Italian lifestyle.

The winning idea

At the base of LIFEXCELLENCE there is a winning idea: reinterpret the concept of "well-being", aligning it with the new needs of consumers, looking for fun and entertainment rather than spa therapies and holistic treatments.

Numerous researches have shown that the remedy for stress for the modern man is no longer traditional relaxation (chaise-longue, herbal teas, dim light, ambient music), but the lightness, the fulfillment of the senses, the smile, the positive emotions, the divertissement and all the activities that have to do with the new ones happiness sciences and with PNEI (Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology).

Our brands:


Our wellness model

Starting from the simple theory "who has fun, feels better", we understand that the wellness sector could no longer be based on a "privative" approach (abstention, renunciation, silence, isolation) but it had to adapt to the new needs of the customers, increasingly oriented towards pleasure and joie de vivre.
For this reason, we have proposed a new wellness model called SuPER and based on 4 phases:
- Surprise
- Play
- Enjoy
- Relax

Where relaxation remains the real goal, but it is achieved through a series of memorable, multisensory, interactive, fun, immersive experiences… A wow effect in line with the times.
To describe this innovative vision, we have coined the term WELLNESSTAINMENT, which arises from the fusion of the words "wellness" and "entertainment" and lays the foundations for a new model of well-being, which sees the consumer as the only real protagonist at the center of the services and finds a dual application:
- B2B: offer professionals and managers entertaining educational/informative experiences focused on well-being
- B2C: offer consumers multisensory and fun experiences focused on well-being.


Our philosophy

The term Spa, globally, no longer simply means Salus Per Aquam, thermal structure, sauna, Turkish bath, but indicates an abstract synthesis of 360 degrees of the wellness idea, to be applied to people, animals (Pet Spa&Beauty Salon), to houses (Home Spa), to cars (Car Wash&Spa).
Our idea of Spa (understood as a philosophy as well as a place) represents the aspirational archetype that summarizes the dreams of the new communities and connects all sectors.
The word "LIFEXCELLENCE" comes from the union of the " life "and" excellence ", words that perfectly describe our vision, our philosophy; while the "Spa your business" payoff defines our operational distinctiveness, which is based on the ability to transform any activity (training, work, events, free time) into immersive, multisensory, interactive, non-standard experiences and extending the concept of well-being beyond the boundaries of Spa, hotels, beauty farms.
To contextualize this approach, we have promoted initiatives in Italy and abroad that have been very successful in a short time:
- Gala dinners in Spa
- Meetings and major events in Spa
- Temporary Spa at fairs
- Spa experience in companies
- Innovative reception protocols
- Exclusive rituals

The bathrobe becomes the ideal uniform for a new way of getting together and consumers, stripped of their uniforms and masks, are finally free to meet, socialize and do business with greater ease.
This new way of living the Spa has been very successful and has attracted new groups of customers, expanding the market target and changing the identikit of the wellness consumer.
No longer just wealthy adults, but also families, young couples, managers and entrepreneurs who have found in the Spa a chameleonic structure, able to adapt to their needs most (from meditation in solitude, to the exclusive party with DJ set and open bar).
A Pandora's box, full of prêt-à-porter experiences that are revolutionizing the world of wellness.


A new concept of "creative hospitality"

After years of study and hands-on experience we have understood that, despite the complexity of the sector, in the Spa Businesses exist three supporting columns on which the success of companies depends: 
- Customers
- Collaborators 
- Products.

Customer relations, human resource management and the strategic use of products are the three fundamental elements that intersect in an extended concept of hospitality.
And it is precisely the level and the quality of hospitality that determine the success of Spas and beauty centers, more than any other detail.
We started from the analysis of a sector of great prestige for Made in Italy: Food & Wine, and we studied it in detail to understand what was the process that transformed taverns into high-level restaurants in a relatively short time. chefs in starred chefs, food in art and dishes in wonderful stories to tell.
At the base of this transformation there was certainly a cultural revolution, but also the decentralization of attention from the product to the service, from quantity to quality, from matter to history, from competence to knowledge ...  
Haute cuisine thrives on flavors, perceptions, stories that through hospitality and quality of service become unforgettable experiences, which excite customers and encourage them to spend and come back often.
Starting from this assumption we have created a  new reception protocol, based on the creativity and ability of the operators to delight guests, starting with the products that - like the ingredients in the kitchen - must be placed at the center of the wellness experience.


Spa& Beauty Chef: the art of hospitality

Together with ours Beauty Chef Susanna Longo, we have reinterpreted the warehouse and the cabins of the institutes, taking inspiration from the pantries and the kitchens of the restaurants, with so many ingredients and products that are about to expire, and we have thought about how many exquisite recipes can be created with those wonderful ingredients and products. 
With a little creativity, in the cabin, the operators can work like real chefs, integrating all products with rituals, technologies, electro-aesthetic equipment and using them in wet areas, during events, theme days, or simply in waiting rooms.
Sophisticated beauty and wellness menus can be created, in synergy with the restaurant of the Spa or simply with herbal teas, increasing the turnover of products and bringing them closer to customers, who will finally be able to try and buy them.
The products must not be offered timidly at the end of the treatment, but must be presented in the best possible way, in extraordinary and satisfying compositions for all the senses, like the “mise en place” of a haute cuisine dish. Only customers will be able to admire them, try them, taste them and buy them.
Thanks to our reception protocol, cosmetics are carefully placed not only in the cabins, but also in all other environments: in the reception, in the changing rooms, in the toilets, in the wet areas, even in the herbal teas, to be enjoyed in combination with food and drinks.
Guests are accompanied by the products all along the way - not only during the treatments - and they must have the opportunity to try them in all kinds of ways, in different combinations, to delight and get excited.
This is the best way to increase customers and turnover, transforming hospitality into an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for guests.


Lifexcellence - SPA your business