Our services for the Spa Business

For years we have been working in the supply chain of beauty and well-being, as a reference point for operators and entrepreneurs in the sector. We help professionals to grow, companies to develop business and spa and wellness centers to improve the offer and services. Our consultancies range from structural design to marketing, from operational management to human resources training, from the creation of customized cosmetic lines to the organization of events.
We can provide all the operational tools for the development of the most ambitious projects.

SPA Consulting

Spa Consulting

Center check-up, identification of the areas of development and improvement of Spa and Beauty Centers, marketing and business development projects, creation of paths, rituals and innovative treatments, standards, protocols and operating manuals, design of custom cosmetic lines, mystery guesting... These are just some of the many services that we provide to the most important international companies and structures.

SPA Management

Spa Management

The management of Spa and Wellness Centers is a complex and exciting activity, requiring competent professionals, able to optimize the service to customers and develop an interesting business. The training of human resources, the high standards of our operators, targeted marketing and sales-oriented services are the ideal ingredients that allow us to make structures increasingly competitive in a rapidly growing market.

SPA Recruiting

Spa Recruiting

Thanks to the many professionals we train every year, to the largest circuit of Spa and Wellness Centres and to the partnership with the best job agencies, we are the most important recruitment group in the field of beauty & wellness.
We select the human resources according to the needs of hundreds of companies, hotels and wellness centers with which we are in contact. We train talents and accompany them in the world of work, combining the needs of companies with the ambitions of professionals.

SPA Design

Spa Design

Thanks to the partnership with the best international designers, we are able to provide turnkey solutions or small structural interventions to optimize the income of Spa and Wellness Centers. From feasibility analysis to the design of wet areas, from interior design to furniture, from the testing of the structure to the start-up of the staff, we support entrepreneurs, professionals and managers in the implementation of their ideas.

Spa Marketing

Spa Marketing

We direct the orchestra of communication by building the image of the most prestigious Spa and declining it through the various channels (web, catalogs, videos, price lists, menus). We start with the analysis of the strengths and realize a coordinated communication project: naming, branding, web, social, adv... We transform wellness centers into successful case histories, working on the typical features of the territory, the personality of the team, and the characteristics of the services. We create unique content and winning brands by doing what we do: communicate.

SPA Entertainment

Spa Entertainment

We have brought the world of entertainment to the Spa, making them lively, fun places, where you can experience the pleasure of the experience and find a deeper contact with your senses. We specialize in creating engaging rituals, the timing of wellness programs, and organizing wellness events integrated with the Spa Menu and other services (hotels, restaurants, gyms).


Spa Rituals

We create rituals and protocols of memorable welcome and transform wellness paths into gourmet experiences. We select the best brands and present them in a new way, as precious jewels. Products that combine tradition and innovation, created to excite guests and transform treatments into unique moments, to be experienced in all their fullness. Salts enriched with trace elements, precious cosmetics for rituals, fragrances from the environment, body scents, scrubs, oriental soaps, herbal teas... Welcome to the exclusive LIFEXCELLENCE collection!

SPA Training

Spa Training

We offer courses and business coaching sessions aimed at team development, growth and management. Our educational interventions turn professionals into excellent entrepreneurs and facilities into successful companies.
We create personalized training experiences based on customer needs, from effective sales techniques to team building, from visual merchandising to multisensory marketing, from strategic communication to store management.

Spa Collection

SPA Collaction

We have selected the best Spas, wonderful wellness temples to live in their splendor away from the chaos of everyday life.
In some of them you will be welcomed and cared for by the professionals we have formed, in others you will read the stories we wrote and live the experiences we thought for you.
Each of these structures is a paradise in itself and communicates unique emotions, to try in all their facets.
Dreamy environments, precious materials, refined sounds, essences and flavors skillfully mixed to make the strings of the senses vibrate one by one.

Spa Business Catalog

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