Excellence as goal

Our logo represents a butterfly, a symbol of perfection, elegance, but also of change, of continuous evolution towards an ideal of beauty. A constant transformation that accompanies the butterfly, day after day, towards an absolute but fleeting perfection… And when it reaches it, it ceases to exist.
So it is Excellence, an ideal that recedes the closer it gets.
The butterfly of our logo is incomplete, because it tends to perfection but points higher and higher, seeking eternity in change. An open shape, like an infinity that is not closed in itself, but breathes… And it becomes the real reason for life.
This is our philosophy, our way of creating excellence.



Andrea Bovero
Andrea BoveroFounder &President
Author of successful books, he is one of the most appreciated experts and critics of Spa internationally. The numerous reviews published in magazines, blogs, and social networks have earned him the title of "Spa Spectator". His consultancies transform structures into "case histories" of excellence, his courses transform professionals into successful entrepreneurs. He is Chairman of the WORLD SPA ORGANIZATION, founder of LIFEXCELLENCE, LIFEXCELLENCE INTERNATIONAL, and Scientific Director of the Spa Academy LIFEXCELLENCE International. He was President of the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology (CIDESCO) Section of Italy and member of CIDESCO International PR Committee. After graduating and receiving his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, he specialized in the field of spa&beauty, playing prestigious roles in major organizations. He has taught at universities in Italy and abroad and has directed the specialized magazines Beauty Line and Estetica Moderna, publishing hundreds of articles and interviews. His innovative vision and his interventions in international congresses, television broadcasts, and radio columns have made him one of the most influential opinion leaders in the wellness market.
Laura Grazioli
Laura GrazioliGeneral Manager
Graduated in classical studies and with a Ba Hons Business degree from the Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge - UK, at the beginning of her career she works as a consultant for a well-known consulting firm in Milan in the strategic and organizational sector, improving his managerial skills. She builds her career working in different industries and in companies of various sizes where she has not only held the role of administrator but often also of handyman, wizard of technology, accountant, and marketing guru. She finds herself at ease in environments where days are never the same and faces her work daily with honesty, professionalism, and passion. She was Sales & Marketing Director of CIDESCO International. She is currently Finance & Marketing Director of WORLD SPA ORGANIZATION, a large community that connects the players of the Spa & Beauty market internationally, and co-founder of LIFEXCELLENCE INTERNATIONAL.
Sandy Fuhr
Sandy works in the Spa & Beauty industry for 40 years. Qualified aesthetic operator, she has managed a group of 16 beauty salons and was the owner of a Spa of the Sorbet chain. In 1996 she opened her first beauty salon in Cape Town, South Africa, continuing her career as a member of the Board and President of some of the world’s most prestigious Associations in the field. She is a founding member of the World Spa Organization, of which she is also Quality & Education Director. She is franchisor of 17 training institutes "Beauty Therapy Institutes" in Africa: 3 in Nigeria, 1 in Namibia, 1 in Ghana, 1 in Kenya and 11 in South Africa. She has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Nedbank and has received numerous international awards in the field of beauty and well-being. She has been a judge of important professional competitions - such as the International Media Make-up and the International Spas - she is a speaker at international congresses and a guest on television and radio broadcasts.
Ian Fuhr
Entrepreneur and founder of the Hatch Institute and of the Sorbet Group, Ian Fuhr specializes in leadership, personal and professional development, race relations, and building corporate cultures that offer "obsessive" customer service. He is Business Advisor of the World Spa Organization. He conceived the concept of "Cultureneering", giving life to a new type of leaders, guided by culture, with talents and skills able to meet the complex needs of the socio-political and economic world, increasingly volatile. He helps the leaders of the largest companies to improve themselves and build a unified culture, not only focusing on the search for financial goals but aims to offer the customer excellent service, becoming, in turn, a growth tool for companies and society.
Roberta Bozzini
Roberta BozziniGeneral coordination
Graduated in Biological Sciences at the University of Ferrara, she has deepened her knowledge in the biomolecular field by earning a Ph.D. in Biotechnology and then dedicating herself to studies in the chemical sector-cosmetology attending graduate school in Cosmetic Science and Technology. Enrolled in the National Order of Biologists, she carries out free professional activity in the dermo-cosmetic field. She is the Quality Advisor of the WORLD SPA ORGANIZATION. She was National Secretary and Treasurer of the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology (CIDESCO) Section of Italy. She has taught Biology, Hygiene, Dermatology, and Cosmetology at vocational training institutions. She is the author of numerous publications in the main scientific journals of the sector and a speaker at congresses and seminars.
Marta Momesso
Marta MomessoSocial Media Manager
After graduating in classical-linguistic studies and graduating in Humanities, Communication, and Entertainment at the University of Trieste, she combined her passion for communication and IT skills thanks to the Master in Digital Marketing - Digital Coach in Milan. She exploited the communicative curiosity and creativity working as a marketing assistant, photographer, radio editor, social media manager and account manager. She carries out activities of ideation, promotion, and online communication; coordinates the digital strategy and ensures the achievement of LIFEXCELLENCE’s online objectives. In 2021 he joined the WORLD SPA ORGANIZATION as a member of the Committee of Public Relations. "Creativity and sensitivity: always go beyond appearances. Determination and ambition: to make difficulties an opportunity to learn and treasure looks, experiences, concepts and hopes."
Vittoria Chiappero
Vittoria ChiapperoHotel &Spa Advisor
After graduating in languages, she began her entrepreneurial career in Germany. Thanks to the experience gained abroad, in 1994 she returned to Italy and founded Adam Integrated Communication, a marketing and communication company operating in the Tourism, Hotellerie and high-end goods segment with offices in Turin and Milan. Versatile and creative, she has positioned numerous tourism organizations on the Italian market, developing marketing strategies and communication campaigns. For over fifteen years she served as President and CEO, leading 25 professionals. The most prestigious hotel groups have entrusted her with 360 degrees consulting assignments. These are the years in which she also holds the role of Director Southern Europe Hong Kong Tourism Board managing important budgets, as well as crisis management related to SARS. Since 2013 she has been chairing the LAV-Solutions Ltd. company based in the UK, where she has brought more than 25 years of experience in the international hotel industry. She launched the Dolomitic Water Aqva 1296 product line.
Barbara Massara
Barbara MassaraMarketing
Graduated in Sociopedagogy at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Turin she specializes in a Master in Marketing Communication at the Istituto Superiore di Comunicazione - IED in Milan. She takes her first steps in Integrated Communication and Direct Marketing Agencies and grows in leading companies in the field of sportswear, cosmetics, and professional aesthetics as Marketing and Communication Manager. In 2010 she created the first consulting company in which she brings together both her passions and specializations: training and marketing following and supporting the launch of many facilities in the wellness sector. Since 2015, in addition to continuing training, she is the Founder and Strategy Manager of Wow Group, a marketing and communication agency specializing in strategic positioning and branding.
Matteo Fontana
Matteo FontanaWeb Manager
Passionate about managing and implementing web projects of any size and complexity, with a predilection for e-commerce. He became passionate about the digital world immediately after graduation and began to develop institutional sites for companies and small businesses; Over time, he developed a passion for electronic commerce and project management, acquiring ever greater skills and structuring his activity through a dense network of collaborators, each with their own skills and competences. " The digital world is not made for those who know or want to do everything. To be able to manage a project in the right way there must be the right people with the right skills. Only in this way will we be able to achieve results without letting obstacles stop us". The complicated projects are his daily bread, a continuous challenge with himself and with the objectives that he completes in the best possible way to satisfy to the maximum every customer.
Damiano Lerose
Damiano LeroseTax and Financial Area
Graduated in Business Administration from the University of Parma, Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor, Bankruptcy Trustee and CTU at the Court of Parma. In 2012 he specialized with honors in Tax Law with a second level University Master's degree at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. He was a member of the Corporate Tax, Law and International Tax Studies Commission (2013-2016) and a member of the Budget and Accounting Principles Study Commission (2017-2020) at the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Parma. He works as a freelancer at his own studio that he founded in 2014, collaborates with other professionals in the business, corporate, fiscal and tax fields.
Alessandro Casti
Alessandro CastiCommunication
Words do things, they are the essence of evolution: in any discipline they constitute the highest degree that man can reach, in self-awareness and in society. The images represent, are the direct, indirect or symbolic representation of our real or imaginary world; they convey emotions 60 times faster than a word and were the first form of human expression. Putting words and images together is like conducting a complex orchestra, whose sound has to be built and adapted from time to time ... and the audience is made up of your customers. Graduated in 2003 from the Polytechnic of Turin with the award of the dignity of the press for a thesis on on-demand TV in which the technologies of which only today we can see the real business and consumer application are defined. In 2005 he laid the foundations of what is now ACDmultimedia, a communication agency made up of valid professionals who deal with graphics, web, adv, social marketing and design.
Susanna Longo
Susanna LongoBeauty Trainer
Professional beauty operator owner of a wellness center with over 35 years of experience in the sector Spa& Beauty. She has carried out PR activities within the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology (CIDESCO Italy Section and is commissioner of examination for training bodies recognized at the regional level. She is an expert in wellness protocols and treatments and carries out consultancy and training activities. of staff at important wellness facilities Spa Academy LIFEXCELLENCE and is among the first to have obtained the INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA IN SPA& BEAUTY MANAGEMENT CIDESCO. She is the creator of the "Beauty Chef: beauty is served" format.
Natascia Bernardi
Natascia BernardiSpa Food & Drink
Professional aesthetic operator Spa owner with over 35 years of experience in the field of spa&beauty. She has carried out PR activities within the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology CIDESCO Section of Italy and is an examination commissioner for training bodies recognized at regional level. She is an expert in protocols and wellness treatments and carries out consultancy and staff training at important wellness facilities. She attended the courses of the Spa Academy LIFEXCELLENCE - CIDESCO ITALIA and is among the first to have obtained the DIPLOMA INTERNAZIONALE IN SPA&BEAUTY MANAGEMENT CIDESCO.
Giorgio Fabbri
Giorgio FabbriCareer Coach and Trainer
Synergistic and unique professional experience between music, management and training. Conductor and concert performer, with over 1.000 concerts all over the world and CDs published by Sony and Tactus, he is TEDx speaker, trainer, business and career coach, creator of the Music Mind System model, winner of the Adriano Olivetti Award for excellence in training, adopted in hundreds of events with over 50.000 executive managers, for companies such as Enel, Poste Italiane, Wind, TIM, Unipol, or entities such as Politecnico di Milano, CUOA Business School, Luiss Business School. Director for 13 years of the Conservatories of Adria and Ferrara, author of the volume "Come an orchestra", Ed. Franco Angeli, he is adjunct professor at the Universities of Ferrara and Pavia, and professor of Music Analysis at the Conservatory of Bologna .
Piero Rosati
Piero RosatiSpa Medical
Graduated in Medicine, specializing in otolaryngology and cervico-facial pathology, he is considered among the first surgeons in the world in the field of hair transplantation (with microsurgical technique) and reconstructive surgery of the scalp. In addition to being a luminary in the field of hair-related pathologies, he is a great expert in plastic and aesthetic surgery. He is adjunct professor at the Universities of Ferrara, Padua and San Marino. He participates in numerous television broadcasts as a guest or expert and is a lecturer in theoretical-practical courses, with live surgical demonstrations in Europe, the United States and South America. Director and owner of the Piero Rosati Clinic of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, he has over 160 papers, communications and scientific papers published in international journals and presented at national and international conferences. He made his profession an art, becoming a leader in his field, esteemed in Italy and in the world by his colleagues and especially by his patients, including politicians, entrepreneurs, artists, singers, footballers, sportsmen and men of culture.
Giovanni Gabrielli
Giovanni GabrielliVideomaker and Director of Photography
After years of study and work in the film industry he founded LIVEARTcinema, a company specializing in the creation of highly emotional videos and special effects. LIVEARTcinema's mission is to contribute to the visual realization of projects, brands and success stories. Each work is unique, it is a work of art that is born from experience and passion for ideas and is realized in the narration of unique, unrepeatable stories. Nothing is left to chance, every detail from the point of view of the scene is deliberately admitted and the videos have the task of telling an infinite number of things in a few minutes, synthesizing ideas and fragments of life into effective images, projected into the future. Everything must be perfect, from photography to lighting, to the actors, carefully selected. The result is guaranteed by the competence and professionalism of the team, attentive to new fashions and the constant search for visual trends that offer innovative stimuli every year.

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